Menu Creation

In this section of the Documentation we will discuss menus and menu creation.

  1. To create a menu, navigate to Appearance > Menus from your WordPress admin panel.


  2. In the upper left corner of your screen you will see two tabs: Edit Menus and Manage Locations.


  3. In the Manage Locations tab you can assign menu to location Main Menu in case you want to show the menu on default header.



Note that you must assign your menu to a location in order for it to be visible.

You can edit your menus in the Edit Menus tab. When editing menus, you can click on the small triangle icon on each menu item to open a list of editable settings:

  • Disable Link - Make menu pointer events to none, so the item menu cannot be clicked.
  • Label - Show a label on the menu item.
  • Label Text - Tybe the custom label text you want to show.
  • Label Color - Choose the skin color for the label.