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Footer Setup

The footer is same on all pages, there are some options we've added so you can change layout like columns, background color and text-color via our Theme Settings > Footer

Here is what you can setup

  • Different widgets columns
  • Add social icons on subfooter
  • Make footer fixed at bottom with animated effects
  • Change copyright text
  • Show/hide go to top button.
  • Make footer full width

Footer Options

Nuovo theme allows you to choose 1 to 4 columns. Also we provide other combinations like our demo actually using. Double columns right or double columns left.

After you've choosen footer widgets columns on Theme Settings, go to Appearance > Widgets and add widgets to widgets areas Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4

Footer Widgets

The bottom footer has some different where you can change it appearance and choose what to show there, this area is mostly used for copyright text and external links like social media links.

  • Show or hide the sub-footer
  • Change background color for sub-footer
  • Sub-footer left column
  • Sub-footer right column

Both columns right and left can be used to place text or any other shortcode.

Social Network Shortcode

[cdb_social_networks rounded]
[cdb_social_networks colored]
[cdb_social_networks colored="hover"]
[cdb_social_networks rounded colored="hover"]
[cdb_social_networks colored-bg]